Yellow Fish Road™

Since 1991 Trout Unlimited Canada’s award-winning Yellow Fish Road™ program has been Canada’s premier water education program specifically targeted towards reducing water pollution. TUC’s Yellow Fish Road™ program educates Canadians that storm drains are the doorways to our rivers, lakes and streams. Participants learn that together we can prevent pollutants from entering our storm drains and protect Canada’s water.

In most municipalities across Canada, untreated water flows down storm drains directly into local rivers and streams. Other than clean rainwater, almost anything that gets into our storm drains can harm fish and other aquatic lives as well as Canadians who need clean water. Common contaminants include soap, fertilizer, litter, dirt, oil, pet feces and construction materials.

TUC’s Yellow Fish Road™ program engages Canada’s youth, community groups, environmental organizations, families and individuals to protect Canada’s water, not only for today but for the future as well. The program has curriculum and badge links for youth in Kindergarten to Grade 9. People learn about the impact pollution has on their community and what steps they can take to protect their local water. Participants paint yellow fish symbols with the words ‘Rain Only’ by to storm drains and distribute informative fish-shaped brochures to nearby households reminding people that anything that enters the local storm drain system, good or bad, ends up in their water. To date, we have reached over 220,000 people, painted 220,000 storm drains, and distributed 1,000,000 door hangers in over 250 communities across Canada.

Our new self-delivery model provides all the resources and supplies needed to complete a Yellow Fish Road program. Discounts of 50% are available in Alberta and the City of Winnipeg. Costs do not include postage or taxes. Order your package early for the upcoming season. If you prefer to pick up your kits at our Calgary office, the cost is as shown below plus taxes. Please choose a package that suits your needs:

School/Group Package $250.00
A great package for a large class, community group or organization.  This package includes an Educator’s Guide,  presentation activity, YFR infographics which includes the Introductory and How To videos, painting and stencil supplies plus pencils (#50) for classes and YFR badges (#25) for organizations, community groups of 24-30 participants.  

Family Package $90.00
Great for a family or small group, this kit includes: a Program Guide, the YFR Introductory and ‘How To’ infographics videos, 2 full kits of painting and stencil supplies for 12-18 participants.

Basic Package $40.00
The basic package includes a Program Guide, the Introductory and ‘How To’ infographics videos, 3 ‘Rain Only’ stencils and 75 generic door hangers for a storm drain painting project for a group of 6-12 participants.

Additional Supplies:

Please download the infographics videos for your program from this page or on our Trout Unlimited Canada’s YouTube Channel.

If you are interested in learning more about TUC’s Yellow Fish Road™ program please contact our Director of Education at 1-800-909-6040 (toll-free), 403-221-8360 (local) or via email.

Please fill out the Participant Request Form before you do the storm drain painting project so you understand your role and responsibilities. Once you have completed a painting project, please fill out our Storm Drain Data Form below so we can keep track of your progress!

Thanks to funding from Alberta Conservation Association, EPCOR in Edmonton, the cities of Calgary and St Albert, TD Friends of the Environment in Calgary and The Winnipeg Foundation.

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To learn more about our Yellow Fish Road program please watch the videos below.