Yellow Fish Road™

Since 1991 Trout Unlimited Canada’s award-winning Yellow Fish Road™ program has been Canada’s premier water education program specifically targeted to reduce water pollution. TUC’s Yellow Fish Road™ program educates Canadians that storm drains are the doorways to our rivers, lakes and streams. Participants learn that together we can prevent pollutants from entering our storm drains and protect Canada’s water.

In most municipalities across Canada, storm drains flow untreated directly into local rivers and streams. Other than clean rainwater almost anything that gets into our storm drains harms fish and other aquatic lives as well as Canadians who need clean water. Common contaminants include soap, fertilizer, dirt, oil, pet feces and construction materials.

TUC’s Yellow Fish Road™ program targets and engages Canada’s youth to protect Canada’s water, not only for today but for the future as well. Students learn about the impact pollution has on their community and what steps they can take to protect their local water.

Yellow Fish Road™ volunteers paint yellow fish symbols with the words ‘Rain Only’ adjacent to storm drains and distribute fish-shaped brochures to nearby households reminding people that anything that enters the local storm drain system, good or bad, ends up in their water.

If you are interested in learning more about TUC’s Yellow Fish Road™ program or would like to host an event in your neighborhood please contact our Director of Education at 1-800-909-6040, 403-221-8360 or via email

To obtain storm drain painting materials please download our YFR Volunteer Agreement Form.

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