Who We Are

Working to conserve, protect and restore Canada’s waters

TUC Membership

Who We Are

Trout Unlimited Canada is a registered Canadian charitable organization. Our mission is to conserve, protect and restore Canada’s freshwater ecosystems and their coldwater resources for current and future generations. All of the work Trout Unlimited Canada does is directed toward achieving this mission. Our work is guided by science and research and fueled by the unending passion of our volunteers and professional staff.

TUC has been improving the lives and health of Canadians for over 40 years. A leader in water and fisheries protection, TUC’s renowned professional staff works with volunteers and partners to protect natural spaces and improve Canadian resources. Science based and volunteer driven, TUC puts more work on the ground than any other national water conservation organization. Through partnerships and leveraging of funds, $4 worth of work is completed for every $1 donated.

Our highly trained staff support a network of volunteers across Canada operating through Trout Unlimited Canada volunteer chapters, from PEI to Vancouver Island.

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Our Mission

To conserve, protect and restore Canada’s freshwater ecosystems and their coldwater resources for current and future generations.

TUC is proud to be a 1% for the Planet partner

What Can You Do To Help?

Trout Unlimited Canada receives support from our members and partners across the country but there is always more work that could be done each year with your help. As with most non-profit organizations, sufficient funding is a constant challenge. By supporting TUC financially through your tax deductible donation you are supporting the work Trout Unlimited Canada does across Canada. In kind support is also graciously appreciated. In addition, any donation in excess of $40 provides you with an annual membership that includes voting rights. You can help shape TUC! To make an ever-lasting difference, consider naming Trout Unlimited Canada as a beneficiary under your will through our Planned Giving program.

Do you know of similar conservation minded people willing to make a difference? Take a leadership role. Why not form a Trout Unlimited Canada chapter in your community or get involved with an existing local chapter. Local chapters are our backbone. Our chapters make Trout Unlimited Canada unique as compared to other environmental organizations.

Volunteer. Join us on the water! Implement change through hands on habitat work or perhaps lend a hand at a fundraising event.

Get informed. Learn more about the issues that affect the area where you live so you can be a water conservation ambassador on behalf of Trout Unlimited Canada. We rely on our well-informed volunteers to be our eyes and ears across the country, alerting us to important issues as they arise.

The need for the work that Trout Unlimited Canada does has never been greater. Public awareness of the importance of clean water and taking care our rivers, lakes and streams has never been greater. Our strong growing membership base organized around active local chapters, sound financial management and our science based program delivery allows Trout Unlimited Canada to have an ever-increasing impact on Canada’s water, today and into the future.

TUC Membership

Trout Unlimited Canada is a nonprofit, charitable organization. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.