The Water Edu-Kit program explores the science of water, enabling youth to improve their water literacy while enriching their understanding and experience in water science. The self-delivery program package has a complete set of tools to help youth understand and monitor the health of their local waterbodies and the challenges with water and conservation. Each kit focuses on learning, testing and recording water quality data on a field trip to a local river or stream. The Edu-Kits provide many stewardship opportunities that can motivate youth to become active voices for healthy water environments.

The Alberta Water Edu-Kit will connect with the Alberta program of Studies for Grades 7-9 and link to community group’s environmental badges. We encourage educators and leaders to keep all of the materials with the kit, so that they may be passed along to other interested classes and groups to be reused. Refills of chemicals can be ordered through VWR Canada.

Trout Unlimited Canada will provide Water Ed-Kits to schools and community groups throughout the province of Alberta. Twelve of the 145 kits will be designated to First Nations and High Needs schools and groups in Calgary. If you cannot pick up kits from our Calgary office, TUC will ship them to you for a nominal fee of $25 per kit plus GST. With limited quantities, we recommend you order your kit early as these kits will only be available from June 15, 2017, through to March 31, 2018. Please complete your order form to get your kit today!

Youth will be given organizational links to action projects, enabling them to create solutions for water issues in their own communities. Each Water Edu-Kit includes supplies for a group of 30 participants:

  • Comprehensive Teacher’s Guide
  • Student Field and Safety Sheets
  • Macroinvertebrate ID Guide
  • 3 Sets of Dip Netting Gear
  • LaMotte Water Testing Kit

This program is made possible with funding support from these organizations:

Alberta Conservation Association Encourages Albertans to enjoy the outdoors and conserve fish, habitat, and resources.

Calgary Foundation

Community Fund for Canada’s 150th; collaboration with the Government of Canada and extraordinary leaders from coast to coast to coast.

If you are interested in learning more please contact the Director of Education at 1-800-909-6040 or email.

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