Our Policies

Policies that help guide Trout Unlimited Canada

Trout Unlimited Canada’s Policies


Trout Unlimited Canada prioritizes issues/topics for policy development yearly.  TUC policies are developed by staff with input from experts, then ratified by the Board of Directors. Clear policy on issues that are both substantive and operational helps guide all levels of the organization in the delivery of its mission, goals and objectives. The term Policy Statement is used to designate a straightforward statement or declaration of Trout Unlimited Canada’s stance on a particular topic or topics. Such statements identify Trout Unlimited Canada’s views and beliefs and guide how our staff, chapters, and members respond to or manage situations or issues. They are usually short and concise and are typically supported by a background paper relevant to the policy. 

For more information on our policies please contact our Guelph or Calgary offices.

Listed below are the policies that help guide Trout Unlimited Canada.

Bottled Water

Connectivity and Man-Made Small Dams

Aquatic Invader Species

Stocking as a Management Tool

Water Quality Management for Healthy Waterbodies

Water Quantity Management for Healthy Waterbodies

Fish Species Management

Habitat Conservation and Rehabilitation

Protect and Restore Watershed and River Connectivity

Protect and Conserve Headwaters

Linear Corridor Development – New Pipeline Alignment and Stream Crossings

Trout Unlimited Canada is a nonprofit, charitable organization. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.