Thank You, ACA!

Thank You, ACA!

Thank You ACA!

A sincere thank you goes out to the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) for their continued support of our Yellow Fish Road and Water Edu-Kit youth education programs.

As Trout Unlimited Canada grows and improves our programming, we realize the need for concise and straightforward curriculum-linked lesson plans for school teachers and group leaders. ACA’s support throughout 2019 enabled us to contract UDiscover Learning and their team of curriculum developers to create comprehensive lesson plans linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

After careful research into the background and history of the programs through interviews, an environmental scan and design sprint the developers created comprehensive lesson plans. TUC staff then implemented initial testing of the developed lesson plans during their staff planning session and inputted feedback to ensure they meet our goals. Through the creation of these well- developed and easy to follow lesson plans we enable teachers and group leaders alike to more easily incorporate these important teaching resources into their regular planned activities and ensure that our messaging links to the established curriculum. 

We are currently sourcing and finalizing the presentation materials for our two water education programs according to the lesson plans created and look forward to launching our new program model.

Thank you, ACA!