Storm Drain Painting

Spread the word, only rain goes down the drain


Storm Drain Painting

Award winning, national education and awareness program celebrating its 35th year- corporate groups will have an opportunity to paint storm drains throughout a local neighborhood, for a full or half day. Corporate volunteers will work in teams to distribute educational door hangers reminding community members that “only rain goes down the drain”. Corporate teams will help spread the word those pollutants such as soap, fertilizer, litter, dirt, oil, and construction materials should be prevented from entering storm drains, protecting Canada’s water. Storm Drain Painting day is fun, inclusive, and available in most communities in Alberta and southern Ontario. TUC works with interested corporate partners to avail this award-winning interactive program in all communities. All necessary equipment and supplies will be provided by TUC.

Learning opportunities:

  • Importance of drainage systems and waste management standards.
  • Impact of solid waste on water quality and aquatic species.

Program availability: April-November

Location: All provinces

Duration: Half-day and full day options

Ideal group size: 15- 20 people.

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