Shoreline Clean-Up

Lets clean-up our creeks


Shoreline Clean-Up

The shorelines of many of our local waterways are polluted with garbage or infested with invasive species. Garbage is harmful to local fish and wildlife populations and detracts from enjoyment of natural spaces. Plastic waste is less degradable and persists for a long time harming aquatic species and their habitat. Invasive plants prevent native plants which are important for other plants, wildlife, and water quality from growing. It can be unsafe to use herbicides to remove invasive plants near waterbodies which means weed pulling is often the most effective and safest way to remove them. Through this program corporate volunteers will learn about what makes a healthy shoreline and waterway. A clean-up event can take place in as little as two hours to a full day. The efforts of corporate volunteers will enhance the scope of TUC’s aquatic remediation work across regions and provinces. All the necessary equipment and supplies will be provided by TUC.

Learning opportunity:

  • Importance of conservation, habitat remediation, recycling, and waste management for vibrant ecosystems.

Program availability: April- September

Location: All provinces

Duration: Half-day

Ideal group size: 15-30 people

Request form:

If you are interested in this program, please fill out the below request from and you will be contacted by our corporate engagement team to discuss potential events for your team.

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