Reconnecting Canada

The Million Mile Effort

A silent epidemic, culverts impact and threaten the health of millions of miles of rivers and the communities that depend on them. Canada’s rivers are under threat. Severed by roads, utilities and more, our rivers are constricted and forced through hundreds of thousands of culverts. Rivers provide Canadians with drinking water and recreational opportunities while fuelling communities, industry and agriculture. Trout Unlimited Canada is rising to the challenge of protecting and reconnecting those waterways that define and sustain us as Canadians.

Culverts have been used to cross rivers and streams for centuries. Culverts can cause :

    • water quality degradation
    • proliferation of bacteria
    • algal blooms
    • erosion
    • flooding
    • blockage of fish movement

Trout Unlimited Canada will work with regulatory agencies, partners, industry and communities to identify culverts that cause problems and implement solutions to mitigate their effect. How will we do it? Trout Unlimited Canada volunteers, chapters and partners will use tools developed by TUC’s professional staff to assess each site and identify culverts which harm rivers and streams or have degraded to the point of disrepair. A team of experts will lead volunteers and partners to implement Canada-wide change by linking fish to their habitat, repairing river beds, improving water quality and connecting Canadians to their water. Projects include:

    • culvert replacement
    • culvert modification
    • stream modification

Please help TUC reconnect Canada’s water ways by volunteering, donating or sponsoring this cause.

To sponsor this program or for more information please contact Silvia D’Amelio, CEO, 1-800-909-6040