Outdoor Programs

Volunteer with us, give back to your community and build a stronger team


Outdoor Programs

Fish Rescue in Irrigation Canals

Send the Fish home

Each fall, after the irrigation season has ended, thousands of fish are left stranded in the irrigation canals throughout Southern Alberta. TUC has been conducting annual fish rescues in these canals since 1998 with the help of thousands of volunteers.

Shoreline Clean-Up

Let’s clean-up our creeks

The shorelines of many of our local waterways are polluted with garbage or infested with invasive species. Garbage is harmful to local fish and wildlife populations and detracts from enjoyment of natural spaces.

Native Tree and Shrub Planting

Join hands to improve the local streambank

Tree and shrub planting activities are a great way for groups to get their hands dirty, work to improve the local environment, and help build resilience to climate change.

Biological Sampling

Be part of an electrifying experience

Stream science plays an important role in understanding the conditions of habitat in and around waterbodies. Volunteers interested in biological sampling can Join TUC biologists as they sample a local creek to assess the types and population of aquatic species and monitor stream water quality.

Invasive Species Management

Stop the spread of invasive species

Invasive, or non-native species that spread into our natural environments can have devastating impacts on native species, the habitats they live in and even degrade water quality. It is vital to control the spread of invasive species to maintain and sustain native species in the host environment.

Storm Drain Painting

Spread the word, only rain goes down the drain

Award winning, national education and awareness program celebrating its 35th year- corporate groups will have an opportunity to paint storm drains throughout a local neighbourhood, for a full or half day. Corporate volunteers will work in teams to distribute educational door hangers reminding community members that “only rain goes down the drain”.

Ice Fishing and Water Quality Testing

Break through the Ice

Making most of the winter months, Ice Fishing is the ideal activity to enjoy the outdoors and learn about state of water quality that time of the year.

Family Fun Day

Bringing Communities together

This outdoor program welcomes corporate staff and their families to participate in a community fun event and learn about conservation and sustainable practices in a relaxed atmosphere.

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