Natural Resources Advisory Council (NRAC) of Trout Unlimited Canada

There are many complex issues facing Canada’s freshwater ecosystems and their coldwater resources and NRAC has been established to assist TUC with the development of positions, policies and programs to help fulfill TUC’s mandate, based on the best science and experience available.

The Natural Resources Advisory Council (NRAC) under its former name of the National Resource Board, was initially established in 2004 by Trout Unlimited Canada to help to develop a National Conservation Agenda for TUC. The National Conservation Agenda was finalized in 2006 and continues to provide the long-term conservation objectives, policies and programs in support of TUC’s mission.

The mandate of NRAC is to provide sound scientific, policy and program advice to TUC’s Board, staff, chapters and members. The Council is composed of long-term TUC members with expertise in science and policy as well as representatives of some of the National and Regional CNGO’s with whom TUC often works.

Dr. Bruce Dancik (Chair)

Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta; Emeritus Editor-in-Chief, Canadian Science Publishing

Rev. Stephen Booth (Co-Chair)

Canon, Anglican Church
Former Executive with TUC
Board of Nova Scotia Salmon Assoc.

Dr. Alex Bielak 

Chief Knowledge Broker
Alex Bielak Communications

Dr. Allen Curry

Principal Investigator, MAES
Science Director, Canadian Rivers Institute
Professor of Biology, Forestry, and Environmental Management
NBDNR/Cloverleaf Professor of Recreational Fisheries Research, NB Coop. Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Bill Curry

TUC Board Member
Retired Educator
Provincial Member, Inland Fisheries Council, Nova Scotia

Lorne Fitch 

Photographer and Communicator
(Retired Alberta Gov’t, Alberta Cows and Fish  Program)

Ron Pearson

Board Member
Wings of Providence Society
Board Member, Ecojustice

Dianne Ramage 

Director of Salmon Recovery
Pacific Salmon Foundation

Jim Van Tine 

Executive Director
Haig-Brown Institute

Dr. Dale Wrubleski

Research Scientist
Ducks Unlimited Canada