Chapter President: Bob Burke
Contact: | (705) 475-1746
Area of Interest

The Chapter focuses on tributaries entering Trout Lake on the east side of the City of North Bay. These streams flow off an escarpment that runs from west to east immediately north of the city. Of these streams, the two most important ones are Doran Creek and 4 Mile Creek which both flow into Trout Lake. Doran Creek contains native brook trout and 4 Mile Creek contains both Brook Trout and naturalized landlocked Atlantic Salmon.

Substantial drifts of gravels and sand exist on the escarpment and these drifts also bury portions of the base of the southern slope of the escarpment. As a result of these deposits, some of the streams flowing south over and through the escarpment are groundwater-rich Brook Trout streams.

Chapter Description

The Near North Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada has been active since 2004 in the North Bay area. The Chapter began its restoration efforts by selecting Doran Creek as a major restoration program for the first four years. Extensive work was done resulting in a number of major number of positive outcomes being achieved. The Chapter recently decided to assess the work that they have accomplished and to begin planning to expand their activities to other watersheds in the area.

In 2008/2009 the Chapter, with the assistance of TUC staff prepared a proposed long-term rehabilitation program for both Doran Creek and the lower portions of 4 Mile Creek.