Native Tree and Shrub Planting

Join hands to improve the local streambank


Native Tree and Shrub Planting

Tree and shrub planting activities are a great way for groups to get their hands dirty, work to improve the local environment, and help build resilience to climate change. Native trees and shrubs provide many benefits, including habitat for wildlife, improved air quality, cooling our cities, protecting waterbodies from pollution, and reducing risks of flooding. Corporate groups have the opportunity for a full or partial day planting activity along a local stream or river. TUC staff will lead the day’s activities and educate volunteers about the importance of riparian health for aquatic ecosystems and healthy, resilient communities. TUC will select the site and coordinate the details like tree selection and any necessary approvals or permits. Trees and tools will be provided on site.

Learning opportunities:

  • Importance of afforestation in mitigating global warming.
  • Importance of individual action and group efforts in building resilience to climate change.
  • Importance of native Plants for water and air quality.

Program availability: April – October

Location: All provinces

Duration: Half-day and full-day options

Ideal group size: 15- 30 people.

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