Trout Unlimited Canada is a federally registered Canadian not for profit corporation, originally created by Letters Patent issued by the Canadian government on December 18, 1972. Those Letters Patent stated that the objects of the corporation were “to preserve, protect and enhance the cold water fisheries of Canada”. Since 1972, everything that Trout Unlimited Canada has done has been directly or indirectly aimed at achieving those objectives.

In 2014 a new federal Not For Profit Corporations Act came into effect and Trout Unlimited Canada was continued as a corporation under that legislation.

As a Canadian registered charity, Trout Unlimited Canada is authorized to issue official charitable tax receipts to its financial supporters in accordance with the rules and policies of the Canada Revenue Agency.

Trout Unlimited Canada operates in the manner set out its Bylaw number 1,  approved by the members of the organization at the Annual General Meeting in June 2014.  Any Bylaws issued previously are no longer in effect.

Under Bylaw number 1, Trout Unlimited Canada is governed by a volunteer board of directors who are elected by majority vote at the annual general meeting of the members of the organization. Day to day administration of the organization is delegated to the Chief Executive Officer and staff.

Legal documents:

Bylaw Number 1
Letter Confirming Charitable Status
Certificate of Continuance

Financial documents:

Audited Financial Statement-2017
Audited Financial Statement-2016

Audited Financial Statement-2015

Audited Financial Statement-2014
Audited Financial Statement-2013
Audited Financial Statement-2012
Audited Financial Statement-2011
Audited Financial Statement-2010

TUC’s Administrative Policies:

Tax Receipting Policy
Privacy policy