Invasive Species Management

Stop the spread of invasive species


Invasive Species Management

Invasive, or non-native species that spread into our natural environments can have devastating impacts on native species, the habitats they live in and even degrade water quality. It is vital to control the spread of invasive species to maintain and sustain native species in the host environment. There are many invasive species that deter the growth of native species. This has an adverse impact on biodiversity and leads to deterioration of land and water quality. Corporate volunteers will learn to identify native and non-native plants. The invasive species removal campaign will teach volunteers about the damage pests inflict on the environment and the larger ecosystem. Corporate groups will split into teams to carry out activities of removing invasive terrestrial plants with designated team captains. The efforts of corporate volunteers will have a positive impact on habitat restoration projects of TUC. All the necessary equipment and supplies will be provided by TUC.

Learning opportunities:

  • Awareness of the adverse impact of invasive species on native plants and biodiversity.
  • Hands-on skill on identification and proper removal of invasive species.

Program availability: April to October

Location: All provinces

Duration: Half-day

Ideal group size: 15-30 people

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