Fish Rescue in Irrigation Canals

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Fish Rescue in Irrigation Canals

Each fall, after the irrigation season has ended, thousands of fish are left stranded in the irrigation canals throughout Southern Alberta. TUC has been conducting annual fish rescues in these canals since 1998 with the help of thousands of volunteers. A corporate fish rescue activity entails a full or partial-day event at an irrigation canal in southwestern Alberta. Large groups of volunteers can be split into two small groups, operating in a morning and afternoon shift. Volunteers gain hands-on training and experience along canals identifying different fish species including trout, whitefish, and various suckers and minnows. Corporate volunteers will be instructed on how to identify and measure fish, in order for them to quantify the number and type of fish they catch. Fish rescue activities are vital to enhancing the population of threatened fish species and maintain aquatic biodiversity. All the necessary equipment and supplies will be provided by TUC.

Learning opportunities:

  • The importance of fish rescue campaigns to sustain aquatic biodiversity.
  • Fish measurement and Identification techniques.

Program availability: October

Location: Southern Alberta

Duration: Half-day and full day options

Ideal group size: 20 People

Request form.  If you are interested in this program, please fill out the below request from and you will be contacted by our corporate engagement team to discuss potential events for your team.

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