Virtual field trip

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Virtual Field Trip

Virtual Field Trip

Join Trout Unlimited Canada as our biologists explore the health of local watersheds! You and your students can use the attached lesson plans and videos to explore the health and related ecosystems of various streams. For an immersive and engaging learning experience, please see our Armstrong Creek Virtual Field Trip and our Stream Health Virtual Field Trip below.

Armstrong Creek Virtual Field Trip

Join biologists, Kelly Mason and Patricia Huynh, as they explore Armstrong Creek in Markdale, Ontario. Participants are encouraged to use the attached video-based creek tour, and lesson plan to learn more about the importance of coldwater systems and local stream rehabilitation initiatives.

Virtual Field Trip Includes

  • Video-Based Creek Tour – Follow Kelly and Patricia as they explore Armstrong Creek, a coldwater creek located in Markdale, Ontario. The biologists discuss some of the major changes Armstrong Creek has undergone to improve the health of the system. Students will learn about the stream rehabilitation project occurring within the system, the importance of coldwater creeks, and the local flora and fauna that call the creek home.
  • Detailed Lesson Plan – Includes discussion questions, prompts, worksheets and extension activities to extend student learning beyond the virtual field trip. The lesson plan explores key themes including sustainable ecosystems, biodiversity, water systems, and habitats among others. This program is intended to support grade 4-9 science learners.
  • Interpretive Walking Tour – With the support of our funders and partners, Trout Unlimited Canada has installed an interpretive signage and audio tour alongside Armstrong Creek in Mardale, Ontario. We encourage residents and those visiting the area to participate in the interpretative tour for an interactive, and captivating look into the creek’s rehabilitation and ecosystem.

Armstrong Creek Virtual Field Trip Lesson Plan PDF Download

Stream Health Virtual Field Trip

Join biologist, Kelly Mason, as she assesses the health of a coldwater stream by exploring characteristics such as water colour, and temperature, as well as examines the presence of indicator species including benthic macroinvertebrates, and brook trout. Participants are encouraged to use the video-based stream tour, detailed lesson plan, and living things fact sheet for an immersive learning experience.

Virtual Field Trip Includes

  • Video-Based Stream Tour – Follow Biologist, Kelly Mason, as she explores a local stream and talks about how she knows if it and the related ecosystem are healthy or need support.
  • Detailed Lesson Plan – Including question prompts, and suggestions on how to extend student learning beyond this virtual field trip.
  • Living Things Fact Sheets – Printable fact sheets showing a few key facts about the living things that live in this stream’s ecosystem including their habitat, place in the food chain, adaptations to their local environment, and additional information like if the species is an invasive indicator or a native species.

Looking for additional resources to expand and enhance learning? See our Water Edu-Kits for access to a hands-on explorative program that assesses the health of a local stream!

Virtual Field Trip Lesson Plan PDF Download

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