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A guide to Trout Unlimited Canada’s Education Programs

Trout Unlimited Canada Provides Multiple Streams of Education

Unlimited opportunities to learn about conservation and our beloved waters.

Trout Unlimited Canada offers an array of environmental education programs for all ages and audiences with several themes. We build our programming to connect kids, families, and all Canadians to their local rivers streams, and lakes.  Our educational products are linked to TUC’s rehabilitation programs and are supported by professionals across the country. Our renowned education experts and biologists not only develop our programming but engage with learners for a unique and personal experience.

Our goal is to link learning to action. We strive to promote curiosity, foster discovery, and empower learners in their own communities through hands-on experiences. The structure of our programming provides experiences that become a catalyst for change. From household pollution to water quality to native species, TUC’s programs address real issues, connect learners with their landscape, and provide tools for protection and conservation.

Let’s empower our children to become stewards of the environment, go outside, get their feet wet, and discover the wonders of our freshwater world. Together, we can raise a generation that not only cares about nature but also takes action to protect it for generations to come.

Stream Rehabilitation

Stream Rehabilitation Training

The Stream Rehabilitation Training Program (SRT) provides up-to-date information on the science and best practices of rehabilitating stream ecosystems and their associated watersheds. The six workshops are designed for both conservation volunteers and environmental professionals that wish to learn and implement successful rehabilitation projects. These workshops guide students through an understanding of watershed and stream ecosystems, assessment and monitoring, rehabilitation planning, and finally implementation.

Virtual Field Trip

Virtual Field Trip

Join Trout Unlimited Canada as we explore the health of a local stream. You and your students can use the attached lesson plan and video to explore a stream with one of our biologists and ask your students to consider how they might judge the health of a stream and its related ecosystem.

Education - Water Edu-Kits

Water Edu-Kits

Trout Unlimited Canada’s Water Edu-Kit program explores the science of water, enabling youth to improve their water literacy while enriching their understanding and experience in water science. The self-delivery program package has a complete set of tools to help youth understand and monitor the health of their local water bodies and the challenges with water and conservation. Each kit focuses on learning, testing and recording water quality data on a field trip to a local river or stream.

Stream Rehabilitation Training

Yellow Fish Road

Since 1991, Trout Unlimited Canada’s award-winning Yellow Fish Road™ program has been Canada’s premier water education program targeted to reduce water pollution. The Yellow Fish Road™ program educates Canadians that storm drains are the doorways to our rivers, lakes and streams and anything other than rainwater can harm life in and around the water, as well as us as Canadians who need clean water. Participants learn that together we can prevent pollutants such as soap, fertilizer, litter, dirt, oil, pet feces and construction materials from entering storm drains and protect Canada’s water.

Trout Unlimited Canada is a nonprofit, charitable organization. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.