Okanagan Chapter

Chapter President: Nick Pace
Area of Interest

The Okanagan Chapter is focussed on the coldwater rivers in the Okanagan including the Kettle River and Mission Creek. The Kettle River is considered one of British Columbia’s most threatened rivers as a result of various threats such as water extraction and development as well as climate change. The Chapter has long advocated for improved fishing regulations and has worked hard on angler education including the installation of signage encouraging catch and release angling. In 2015, the provincial government implemented regulation changes including seasonal closures to protect fish during warm periods. Also in 2015, the Okanagan Chapter conducted riparian restoration work along the West Kettle and Granby rivers in southern B.C. The chapter has also supported work on the Mission Creek Restoration Initiative, a project to restore natural function to Mission Creek within the City of Kelowna.

Chapter Description

The Okanagan Chapter was formed in 2010 and initial funding was received through RBC. The chapter proposed five unique conservation projects within the Okanagan region and a description of each project was placed on the RBC Granfondo Facebook page. Public voting decided which project would be awarded funds and in the end, the Kettle River project was the most popular. In 2015, the funds were used for restoration work in the Kettle River watershed in partnership with the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary.
The Chapter is also known for hosting the annual Fly Fishing Film Tour (FT3) in Kelowna as a fundraising effort.


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