Niagara Chapter

Area of Interest

The Niagara Chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada is committed to the restoration and preservation of cold water habitat in the Niagara Region. The initial and primary focus of the chapter’s efforts will be Twelve Mile Creek, the region’s only cold water watershed with an existing population of Brook Trout. The Twelve runs from its headwaters near Fonthill, through the Short Hills Provincial Park, into Lake Ontario at Port Dalhousie, where it forms the famous Henley rowing course.

Chapter Description

Close partnerships are being forged with the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority and the Niagara College Environmental Programs, along with other interested organizations and landowners to restore the creek and enhance its potential for trout habitat. Since its formation in the spring of 2012, the Chapter has carried out precise stream mapping,  along with barrier removal, stream bank restoration, and landowner involvement as projects developed.

Trout Unlimited Canada is a nonprofit, charitable organization. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.