Musquodoboit River Chapter

Chapter President: Blake McNeely
Area of Interest

The Musquodoboit River Chapter’s region of interest includes the Musquodoboit river watershed. The chapter’s particular areas of interest are conserving and protecting the waters, habitats, and native fish species this area supports, including Atlantic salmon, and other salmonids.

Chapter Description

The chapter is made up of a group of passionate scientists and citizens from the local community who have an interest in conserving, protecting, and restoring wild fish and their habitats. The chapter is actively working on-site assessment and restoration of the Musquodoboit River. This includes assessing the population of fish species, bringing awareness to any culverts requiring repairs to transportation and infrastructure renewal, and developing a geographic information system database.

Chapter History

The Musquodoboit River Chapter became an official TUC chapter in November 2019. Our executives come from a diverse range of backgrounds but share a passion for freshwater conservation.


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