Millbrook Chapter

Chapter President: Scott Calder
Area of Interest

Baxter Creek, Squirrel Creek and their tributaries, Millbrook, Ontario..

Chapter Description

Trout Unlimited Millbrook is a new chapter located in southeast Ontario. Millbrook is a small rural community located south of Peterborough Ontario, on the edge of the Oak Ridges Moraine.

With outdoor recreation being a huge draw to the area, the small cold water trout streams are often overlooked for the larger waters of the Kawartha Lakes. The Millbrook chapter will focus first on the beautiful Baxter and Squirrel Creeks that meander through the town and surrounding landscape. The goal of the chapter is to bring existing groups and residents together to work collectively to maintain and in some areas improve a stream system with much potential be a top notch trout fishery.

Trout Unlimited Millbrook would like to serve as a resource for landowners in the area who are looking for assistance with issues such as erosion, sediment control, bank stabilization, riparian planting, stream cleanup to name a few by providing assistance through volunteers and the professional network on Trout Unlimited Canada. The chapter would like to ultimately improve fish populations, fish habitat, drinking water and the overall aesthetics of the landscape. All while having fun and making new friends!

Chapter History

History of this Chapter just started as a love for the outdoors by husband and wife Scott and Cori who wanted to extend their passion for helping others. Setting an example for their young daughter Sawyer that giving back is always the best way to live ones life!


Trout Unlimited Canada is a nonprofit, charitable organization. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.