Doug Cressman Chapter

Area of Interests

The Doug Cressman Chapter’s focus is centered on protecting, preserving, and restoring the coldwater streams of the Frenchman River watershed, which includes Belanger, Sucker, Conglomerate creeks and the upper Frenchman River. These waters contain native and naturalized populations of coldwater fish species, some of which only are found in this area of Saskatchewan. Current land use and water management strategies in the area make these creeks highly susceptible to erosion and sedimentation. Habitat fragmentation is also a concern where fish populations are unable to access habitat due to hanging culverts. Working with landowners, regulators, and the public to address and mitigate these issues are a top priority of the Chapter.

Chapter Description

The Doug Cressman Chapter is made up of a small group of concerned anglers and conservationists many of whom also have a professional background in in fisheries biology.

Chapter History

The Chapter was named after the late Doug Cressman, former CEO of Trout Unlimited Canada. Having lived in Saskatchewan, Doug saw a need for a TUC to have a presence in Saskatchewan and during his time with TUC initiated the first TUC projects along the coldwater streams of the Cypress Hills area in the southwestern part of the province. The Doug Cressman Chapter was later formed in 2012 as the first and only TUC chapter in Saskatchewan.

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