Chateauguay River Chapter

Area of Interest

The Chateauguay River Chapter focuses its work on the upper Chateaugay River upstream of the town of Huntingdon, QC. The headwaters of the Chateauguay River are in the Adirondacks of upstate New York. The river enters Canada south of the village of Powerscourt, QC and flows north to Huntingdon and then travels northeast entering the St. Lawrence River from the south shore opposite the City of Dorval, QC.

The Chateauguay is a coldwater river with stream resident Brown Trout in its main stem in New York and all the way to Huntingdon. It is a large river reminiscent of the Ausable River in New York State. Once downstream of Huntingdon, the river gradient drops and the stream enters a large clay plain with very active agriculture and becomes a warmwater system. The upper main river and its tributaries however, have higher gradient and major groundwater sources flowing into the river and some of its tributaries.

Chapter Description

Most members of the Chateauguay River Chapter are from the greater Montreal area and are avid anglers and conservationists. The Chapter’s main goal is to enhance existing Brown Trout populations and the restoration and appropriate re-introduction of Brook Trout to the Chateauguay River watershed. During the 1970’s the Chateauguay River once had thriving populations of these wonderful fish.
The Chapter has identified keys areas on which it would like to focus its conservation efforts. They welcome new members and look forward to establishing a fledging relationship with local groups and government to create a sustainable wild trout fishery within one hour of Montreal.

The Chapter’s work focuses on a main tributary of the Chateauguay River, the Hitchinbrook that enters the Chateauguay in the village of Athelston, QC. The Hitchinbrook has a several on-stream dams as well as some agricultural and cottage development. One of its major smaller tributaries, Collins Brook still has native Brook Trout and the Hitchinbrook contains some Brook Trout and Brown Trout.

Chapter History

The Chateauguay River Chapter was founded in April 2011 by a small group of anglers deeply concerned about the decreasing quality of the Chateauguay River and its tributaries. Some members have angled the river since they were young and saw a diminishment in the water flows, water quality and coldwater fish production over time. The Chapter was formed to try to bring the Chateauguay River and its tributaries back up to a better level of health so that naturalized Brown Trout would survive and thrive in the large river and Brook Trout could be restored to the smaller, coldwater tributaries of the big river.

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