Biological Sampling

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Biological Sampling

Stream science plays an important role in understanding the conditions of habitat in and around waterbodies. Volunteers interested in biological sampling can Join TUC biologists as they sample a local creek to assess the types and population of aquatic species and monitor stream water quality. Among the sampling techniques applied is Electrofishing which is used to capture fish that are then identified and measured to help TUC and fishery managers understand the status of the local fish population. For example, corporate volunteers will get hand-on experience on proper handling and identification of fish and learn about fish habitat needs and life history traits. Volunteers will also learn about stream ecology and the importance of stream health. This exercise provides critical data that will inform TUC’s habitat remediation and advocacy work. All the necessary equipment and supplies will be provided by TUC.

Learning opportunity: 

  • Importance of stream ecology and biological sampling techniques for stream health assessment.

Program availability: April to October

Location: All provinces

Duration: Half-day

Ideal group size: 15-20 people

Request form:

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