It’s More Than a Lifestyle

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It’s More Than a Lifestyle
By: Bev Brogden

Ryden Brogden was a true “Alberta Boy”, an avid outdoorsman and self taught fly fisherman. Ryden’s vision for FlyCo was to capture the essence of his love for fly fishing and incorporate it into trendy everyday street wear. His dream was to not only make a living from FlyCo, but also as a means to give back for the betterment of river and fish sustainability. For Ryden, it wasn’t all about the catch, he loved being in nature and would trek many miles to get to that special fishing spot, often spending a night or two under the stars and almost always accompanied by his dogs Lewis and Rusty – who he loved with all his heart. Fly fishing took Ryden around the world making many friends along the way. He was a very genuine – kind person; would help anyone out and happily shared his homemade flies that he carried around in his bright orange “briefcase”. Whether it be in sunshine, rain, wind, etc. it just didn’t matter to Ryden, he truly loved the time he spent along a river bank with either family, friends or in solitude. Sadly, Ryden’s life was taken much too soon leaving a devastating void for his family and friends. In order to help carry on his legacy, 100% of all proceeds from FlyCo sales from April 29 through to May 22, 2023 will be donated to Trout Unlimited Canada. As an avid catch and release fly fisherman, Ryden cared about fish and river sustainability and supported Trout Unlimited Canada’s efforts toward this.

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