Trout Unlimited Canada has created a new program to complement our award winning and highly successful Yellow Fish Road education program. This successful pilot program was launched in Ontario in the fall of 2016 and was offered to teachers and community group leaders doing water science education. This program explored the science of water and the issues of water pollution, enabling youth to become water smart while enriching their understanding and experience in water science.

Water Edu-KitsWith 2017 funding coming from the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) and the Calgary Foundation – Canada 150 program, we are able to expand the program’s reach into Alberta. The funding will allow TUC to provide 80 Water Edu-kits to schools and community groups throughout the province and 12 kits specifically to First Nations and High Needs schools and groups in Calgary free of charge. TUC will only charge a nominal $25 shipping and handling fee. With limited quantities, we recommend you order your kit early!

This self-delivery program package will be a complete set of tools of the trade to help youth understand and monitor the health of their local waterbody. This new Alberta Water Edu-Kit will connect with the Alberta program of Studies for Grades 8-12 and link to community group’s environmental badges. We encourage educators and leaders to keep all of the materials with the kit, so that it may be passed along to other interested parties to be reused.

Youth will be given ideas and organizational links to action projects to enable them to create solutions for water issues in their own community. Water Edu-Kits include:

  • Box to store and carry supplies
  • A comprehensive Teacher’s Guide
  • Student worksheets and activities
  • Water testing kits to test seven parameters
  • Macro Invertebrate identification guide
  • A hands-on classroom water activity

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Water Edu-Kits